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Jacque Hudson

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"Im passionate about helping patients access the best medical technology possible."

Jacque Hudson


Dr Jacqueline Hudson, met Dr S. Mbula while they were doing their anesthesiology residency training in Vancouver, Canada. They collaborated on a research project based in both Canada and Uganda, on the usability of a locally designed App interface for a smart phone based pulse oximeter. This collaboration marked the start of a long term friendship and ongoing professional collaboration.


Dr Hudson now lives and works in the Vancouver area at one of the major regional teaching hospitals. She completed a fellowship in chronic pain therapy in Switzerland in 2014.


She has always had an interest in global health care, and has volunteered and worked in hospitals in India, South Africa and Uganda.


Dr Hudson is very excited to continue to collaborate with the Machakos Orthopaedics Trust in Kenya.


When Dr Hudson is not at work she can be found out in the wilderness, camping or rock climbing with her husband and daughter, who also share her love for being outdoors.

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