Wrist and Hand Exercises


The aim of surgery is to correct any deformity or fracture that has occured. The most imprortant work is done after surgery / application of the cast to restore your function. This is where physiotherapy comes in.


After hand and forearm surgery its important to do exercises that will help to restore your function. Here are 3 exercises that you can do so as to aid your recovery. Your phsiotherapist will give you goals to achieve and will measure your progress during the physitherapy consultation. Also, consistency is often more important than pushing your rep count super high. You will see better results if you practice 10x reps daily than 100 reps only once a week. Your brain needs consistent stimulation to relearn hand motor skills fastest.


Finger tip touching:   Start with the hand and the fingers outstretched. Touch the tip of each finder with your thumb in succession while keeping each finger flexed.  Hold stretch for 30 seconds and then slowly return to starting position.  Do 3 stretches. Click on the image below to see how to do this exercise
















Wrist Deviation:  Start with the elbow resting on a table with your hand in a neutral position and the palm facing towards you and your fingers straight. Bend your wrist from side to side and up and down. Do not force your hand. Hold stretch for 30 seconds and then slowly return to starting position. Do a set of 3 .















Fist Making : Start with your hands and fingers outstretched. Make a fist by first bending the tip of your fingers, then finally all your figners to make a fist.  Return to your the starting position. Hold for the three seconds. Repeat three times.