Why Machakos


Machakos Orthopaedics was started by two doctors who had a passion for seeing a transformation of surgical health care in Lower Eastern Kenya- Ukambani. One day in 2013 while working at Kijabe Hospital in central Kenya, Dr. Speciosa attended to a patient from Machakos who had travelled more than 200km to Kijabe because of a surgical condition. Mr. David* (*name changed for privacy reasons) had been seeking affordable surgical care for long. He had saved up money over a long period of time to come to Kijabe because he wanted quality care at a price that was not too out of reach. David eventually received care and was discharged from the hospital. However in the time he was at the hospital, he had relatives come all the way from Machakos every two days to check on him. This when calculated came to about the cost of his hospital stay, further raising the burden to the already strained finacial situation. This would not have been the case if the services he sought were available in Machakos.


There is a  huge burden of surgical disease and disability in the Ukambani area. Availability of Orthopedic services (for fractures, bone deformities and arthritis) in the area is also especially wanting.  Despite this, there are only a few orthopaedic surgeons in this area. This huge need is unfortunatelly coupled with inadequate manpower.


Most facilities with orthopaedic surgeons that can offer surgery are based in Nairobi and are very expensive, thus not accessible to the majority of residents. We came up with Machakos Orthopaedics to offer high quality  surgical solutions at an affordable cost within Machakos county. 


We noted the huge need and saw an opportunity to leverage the expertise of clinicians with post-graduate training in subspecialised surgery within the greater Ukambani area. With this in mind, our doctors teamed up to bring quality surgery nearer to patients. We then started the social enterprise called Machakos Orthopaedics in order to meet this need. 


In the past , we have been involved in several medical outreaches to several parts of Kenya and West Africa namely Ghana and Cameroon.