Proper use of crutches


To stand:

  • Hold both crutches in one hand

  • Push up from the chair

  • Once standing, transfer one crutch into the other hand

  • Place your arms into the crutches

  • Put the crutches in front of you and gain your balance.


To sit:

  • Have the chair immediately behind you, so you can feel the chair on the back of your legs

  • Take your arms out of the crutches and hold both in one hand

  • Hold the arm of the chair with the opposite hand

  • Sit down slowly.


To walk:
If you are not allowed to put weight on your injured leg:

  • Put the crutches forward keeping the injured leg off the ground

  • Take the weight onto your hands

  • Bring the uninjured leg forward, just past your crutches.


If you are permitted to put weight on your injured leg:

  • Put both crutches forward

  • Put your injured leg one step forward, no further than the crutches

  • Take the weight onto your hands and step further through with your uninjured leg.


If you have any concerns regarding your confidence/ safety using these walking aids, please contact the hospital department who issued them.


When you no longer require the crutches please consider giving them to someone else who might be in need of the same.