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Sport Injuries

Sporting events are some of the most fun activities humans take part in. As an avid sport follower, I enjoy a good match. I am very excited when football season is back on. The English premier league holds a special place in my heart and so does the Olympic season. Sports provide a great source of healthy entertainment.

Being a sportsman comes with great responsibility. The shift of it from being something you do for fun to

something that you do for a living comes with immense pressure. The responsibility to perform and deliver is a constant reminder that it is not just about. You have companies, coaches, investors and your family rooting for your success.

When everything is working out, sports is not only a lucrative career but also quite rewarding. The returns are so good that you only work a few years to be financially stable and if you are lucky to stay on and play for the best of teams, you get to even buy your own island like Christiano Ronaldo. The truth is, however, that not all people who engage in this activity are that lucky.

One of the hinderances to a sporting career is sport injuries. A typical example is an anterior cruciate ligament tear; this is when the stabilizing ligament of your knee gives way due to direct hit on the knee, a fast twisting turn when running or simply landing the wrong way from higher ground. This means your knee buckles and of course, it is very painful.

The recovery process from such injury requires first a correct initial diagnosis, a proper conservative or surgical plan and proper and diligent rehabilitation. Return to sport is not always guaranteed and the risk of re-injury goes up. The treatment process is cumbersome and requires one to be faithful and to follow the clinical team instructions.

Statistically, most players do return to sport and do well in their careers; after a sport injury, even as coaches/trainers in the said sport.

If you have experienced knee instability or any other related sport related injury, feel free to contact us at Machakos orthopedic clinic for proper management and care to ensure you get to follow your dream to the culmination of its potential. Our team in orthopedics will handle your care from prevention and risk assessment, injury treatment, rehabilitation and eventual return to play.

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