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Scaling a mountain

There is a quote that someone made regarding the Now Late Kobe Byrant about him scaling a mountain. It was an article that was written after an interview regarding Kobe Bryant basketball player who was playing for the NBA team Lakers. My Byrant then was and is a Most Valuable Player (MVP). He had a very successful career. In the last few minutes - actually the last three minutes of the fourth quarter - of the game he sustained one of the injuries that Sportmen dread, An Achilles tendon rupture. This injury has ended may professionals athletes careers.

What is remarkable about Kobe was that when he felt the pop at the time of the injury, he was hoping that it wasn’t what he thought it was. Infact after he fell down its quoted that he said….“I was just hoping it wasn’t what I knew it was,” Bryant said, per Arash Markazi of ESPN LosAngeles. “I tried to walk it off hoping that the sensation would come back but no such luck.”

He actually limped back to hit two free throws before heading off the pitch to the locker room. The team won the match but him being on crutches its said in the article that …Propped up on crutches after the game, Bryant was visibly emotional, knowing he faced a tall mountain to climb.

People painted a grim picture of his odds of his recovery and if he would be able to get back to same position he was in. One sports doctor said. …“Since the Achilles tendon plays such a key role in generating power in the lower leg, a ruptured Achilles is bad news for any athlete and even worse news for a superstar such as Bryant.”

To give you context, this tendon is what helps anchor your strong calf muscles to your foot. Its what help you lift off on your foot and jump up like how a spring propels you. Its so powerful that the tendon if ruptured you are unable to walk. Its named after Achilleus the warrior, who after suffered a fatal blow when it was torn.

In the greek mythology the warrior Achilleus was fighting at battle in Troy. He was a great warrior who had helped Greek win many battles. Unfortunately in the battle of Troy, a warrior , Paris , shot his heel with an arrow. Since he couldn’t run or walk to defend himself he was killed. The heel which was his strength became a weakness.

What made the Late Kobe even manage to even try 2 more shots despite being injured? What helped him to be motivated to want to get well? He could have said. Im 36 years old- what are the odds that I can even get back to play again in the NBA again. Infact he thought the opposite, he wanted to have surgery immediately and he had it the next day and in 8 months of intensive physiotherapy he made a return and played again.

As the world mourns the death of Kobe Bryant we will remember him for his skills as basketball player, inspiring many people by his resilience and determination to scale a difficult mountain. His daughter also died with him and had hopes to also be a professional player as well.

When I think about his life I remember a verse …With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall. Psalms 18: 29 . May his soul & that of his daughter as well rest in peace.


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