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I realised that my dog (Bobwo as my daughter affectionately calls all animals especially dogs) and I went on maternity leave at the same time. I reported to work last week and realised that Bobwo , our dog had 5 amazing puppies. They are black and brown and are quite plump. I wish they would remain that way. They are so cute that way. When it was raining today, they were confused and wanted to play in the rain. We had to help them get out of the rain so that they don’t get too wet. They were a little bit confused and their mum was not around so they kept going back to the rain. She had taken a walk. I guess she needed a break from the little pups that were constantly breastfeeding. Thankfully they have been weaned and are already eating food. We were excited since some of our patients had booked the puppies and we were calling them to come and pick them.

One of the patients who booked a puppy reminds me of how far we have come. It has been three years since his accident. In August 2015 he was involved in a road traffic accident and sustained multiple injuries. One of the major injuries was in the Left leg. It was an open fracture and got an infection. He was told at that time that he would need an amputation because a large portion of his bone almost 8 cm was infected and had died so he had a huge gap. His bones were being held together with an external fixator device (aerial as its called locally because it resembles a TV aerial)-which holds the broken pieces using pins and a rod that are on the leg.

He had spent a lot of time in hospital to control the infection, cover the bone defect and have a procedure to cover the skin defect with some skin and muscle from another part of their body. He also had a very tedious long procedure to lengthen his leg to cover the area where the bone had died. During this time he has lost many friends who didn’t want to be associated with him because his leg was smelly due to the infection. Some people had said that he would never walk again and some had the guts to tell him yo his face.

For 2 years he had not stepped on his leg and the leg was very swollen and unable to wear shoes. The bone infection finally was controlled; the bone defect was healed, and started physiotherapy to start to walk first with a walker, then crutches and finally a walking stick. The aerial had to stay for long because just before we were to remove it. Once he had a fall off a motorcycle on his way to the clinic. God was very gracious to him and didn’t sustain a fracture but the pins bent.

I remember the day he came to the clinic excited that he was able to wear shoes for the first time in 2 ½ years because the swelling had come down. At the three year mark since his injury we finally removed the external fixator. He was so happy that he would finally wear trousers normally like every one. You see, during the period he had the aerial he had cut his trousers leg to form flaps so that his leg with the external fixator would fit. Infact he told us that once he goes home, he would sneak into his house through the back and put on a suit and surprise his wife.

He has been a constant face in the clinic. Its almost like he is one of us. In the waiting room he is always cheerful and encouraging other patients. Because he has been through a tough journey he shares his story and is able to encourage others to pray and trust God for their healing. He also encourages them to take heart especially when a patient has a long journey to go. I recall when recently when he visited one of our patients, who he had met in the clinic in the ward. He went to offer a word of encouragement to him and would occasionally see this patient in the ward. He is a testament of determination on his part and God healing and Grace as well. He never knew he would walk again without crutches, external fixator and wear shoes, trousers like everyone. I realise that we take so many things for granted and he reminds me of how to be thankful for everything.

So today it’s raining but I’m excited because He is coming to pick his Bobwo but also to remind me how Good God is.

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