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We are unique Vessels of Clay

I was at home watching Praise the Lord program on Family TV. I was just thinking about healing and praying for my baby to be well. She had been battling this nappy like rash and colic for a while and Levis and I have been trusting God for her healing as we manage it. On the screen came two famous singers who shared their testimony about their healing. One was Fred Hammond who was young had undergone what we would call routine knee replacement surgery on both knees and but had a long unpredictable recovery. He struggled with depression and walked after a long time. He was unable to sing anymore because of the heaviness he felt and just didn’t know what to do. Eventually as he meditated on Gods word, he slowly realized that he getting better. He could walk with a walker, then crutches and eventually without any aid. The other one was Donnie McClurkin who had vocal cord surgery. He was unable to talk yet alone sing. Both men were called to go for a musical tour called the Festival of praise. How could one who can't sing yet alone talk and another couldn’t walk do this?

I had been feeling sad because my baby’s nappy rash wasn’t going away. Believe me I tried all concoctions known but somehow it was taking too long. Some folks encouraged me that it will pass and colic isn’t abnormal. The words just were not ministering to me. Some just didn’t get it why we were so stressed by this. We prayed like crazy people and constantly asked God for her healing. We just realized that God healed her eventually and now I can’t believe that she free from the rash and colic.

I hadn’t thought that some surgeries we considered routine and generally straight forward could cause depression in patients. Many orthopods say that knee replacements and hip replacements have the highest patient satisfaction and healing rates. That is very true, you see patients who couldn’t walk, walk again and even go to church you agree. I remember a lady who had to retire early because of severe arthritis that caused her to have bad bowed legs. She had surgery done on both her knees in separate occasions and within a year she was back to work as matron in a high school. I occasionally meet patients who have struggled with their recovery, they had physically healed but somehow they were still not happy, kind of depressed and they aren’t back to up to their normal selves yet they are pain-free and able to use their limbs well. I prayed to the Lord to understand what is going on and just committed them to God and sent them to see a pastor friend of mine. Or they just take too long to recover back to normal, yet you expected a faster recovery. Levis and I empathise with these patients but its different when you personally feel the sadness and the disappointment when the healing is delayed.

We are all vessels of clay in the potters hands. God made us all differently for his purposes. Each vessel of clay was made exceptional and the process not exactly the same. The may look alike but not completely identical. All patients are unique and beautiful in their own way. God chooses to heal them differently and eventually He makes everything beautiful with time.

Just like my baby whose healing was eventually realized in her own unique way, the timing was not on my terms. The same God who healed Fred Hammond and Donnie McClurkin in own unique way, in his time, healed her of the colic and nappy rash. I was deeply encouraged by both their testimonies. You can hear it on click here . I learnt that faith should remain strong even when our body is weak. God will continue to work in you as you wait for your healing as you go along. If God brought you to it(the health challenge you are facing), He will take you through it. God definitely did it for us even for something as common and routine as nappy rash and colic and He can do it for you.

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