Coping with Arthritis in the cold season



When it is cold, some patients notice that their arthritis pain flares up.  Here are four things to remember on how to manage arthritis pain during the cold weather:

  • Keep warm: warm clothing including gloves and legwarmers or thick trousers will make you more comfortable during the cold season. 

  • Exercise: Exercise will help increase your mobility and flexilbity of your joints. Low impact exercises like swimming or walking are beneficial. If you have access to a heated swimming pool, you can do water aerobics or even just regular swimming will make you feel better. Due to the cold, its easier to exercise indoors to avoid the biting cold.

  • Loose weight:  Loss of weight reduces the strain on you bones.

  • Hydrate: Drink plenty of water and have a balanced diet.


If the pain is unbearable, please visit your doctor.